Remembering the Muse

I’m going to go out on a limb and say most writers always knew they wanted to write.  Many of us have the story in our head – or a story in our head.  We just need to figure out how to present it in a way that appeals to the masses.  Of course, I’m oversimplifying the art of writing…a lot!  This is not a profession for the faint of heart and more difficult than I originally thought.  I sometimes wonder why I did it at all.

Then I remember two things.  The first is a feeling; an overwhelming sense of joy after reading Are You There God?  It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume.  Although I was only nine years old, I related to Margaret and her insecurities and struggles in sixth grade.  The characters came alive and I fell in love with the story!  When Margaret’s tale came to an end, an overwhelming desire to create edged me to write a book of my own.  I never finished the story, but years later I found the spiral notebook with my scraggly writing on my parent’s attic steps, the first attempts of a fledgling writer.

Next, I think of my children.  I raised them to believe they can accomplish anything with perseverance and smart choices, and that life has peaks and valleys which provide invaluable opportunities for growth.  Challenges are a necessary part of life; they build character and define who we are, who we become.  As my children watched me write for days and months on end, I told them I would publish a book one day and that it wasn’t going to be easy…and I did it.  Yet the bigger lesson is if they work at it, their goals are attainable too.  I talk-the-talk, therefore, must walk-the-walk.

Writing can be a solitary, lonely road.  After rounds of rewrites and rejection, the best of us need an anchor and a reason to go on.  Next time you sit down to write, relax and take a nice deep breath.  Then spend a moment to remember the moment, or the people, that make it all worthwhile.

Flick Virtual Book Tour Is Here!


Please join me as Flick goes on a Virtual Book Tour starting on November 11th, courtesy of Goddess Fish Promotions!  I will make virtual stops at a variety of locations and do interviews and guest blogs, but more importantly, I’d love to hear from you and be grateful if you’d join me.  The dates are as follows:

November 11: Stephanie’s Book Shelf
November 12: Andi’s Young Adult Books
November 12: Books in the Hall
November 13: Brenda Maxfield’s Blog
November 14: Love is a Mystery
November 15: Books on Silver Wings
November 18: Nana Prah’s Blog
November 19: Reading In Twilight
November 19: The Hedonistic Minimalist
November 20: Unabridged Andra
November 21: Lisa Haselton’s Reviews and Interviews
November 21: Nickie’s Views and Interviews
November 22: Blood Red Shadows
November 25: Deal Sharing Aunt
November 26: Margay Leah Justice
November 27: Books and Other Spells
November 27: Author Jinni James
November 28: J.C. Martin, Fighter Writer
November 29: Theresa M Jones

There are more stops to come in December and January 2014!  I’m super-excited and I’ll see you there.

Can’t Blame it on the Cat


I have a new kitty and his name is Koby. He is adorable, playful and everything a kitty should be.  I’ve been enjoying him (and my dog, Kasper, of course) for the last couple of months and I’m learning that I’m easily distracted.  Yes, I’ve been writing and tweeting, but my poor blog has been woefully neglected.  Is it Koby’s fault?  I wish it was.  But I think I have to take full responsibility.  Raising kids, working full-time, promoting and writing is a lot to juggle.  Yet in this industry, blogging and connecting with readers is vitally important.  Repeat:  Readers are important.  Learn from my mistake and make this a priority.  I’ve now made a promise to myself to check-in at least twice per month - possibly more depending if I have something great to say.

I’m curious, what is it you have difficulty keeping up with?  With all the prioritizing we do on a daily basis, there is usually something that, “Takes the L.”  Although I love connecting with people, I find blogging on a consistent basis has taken a back seat and I’m going to fix it.  I can’t blame it on my cat and all his lovableness.  I have to man-up, or woman-up if you will, and get the ball rolling.

Happy reading and writing.  I’ll see you on the flip-side!

Juggling the Hats

The last few months have been completely overwhelming…in a good way, of course!  The kiddies are back in school and this means plenty of homework, afterschool activities, homecomings, hanging with friends AND I’m the official chauffeur, of course.  But don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not complaining.  I’m going to relish these moments for as long as I can.  Soon high school will be over, they’ll be off to college and out of the house, and I will long for these days.  Time flies by too fast.

In the midst of it all, I’ve been busy writing, and securing book reviews.  My most recent review is on by Caroline Barker.  She reviews young adult, thrillers, murder mysteries, true crime, romance, horror etc.  She is super-professional and very responsive.  If you write anyone of these genres’s I highly recommend submitting your baby to her.  It’s in good hands.

Also look out for my upcoming virtual book tour with Goddess Fish Promotions.  I’d like to act like this is old hat, but this is all new to me and I am learning along the way.  Please check back later for dates, stops and in the end, a review of the experience as a whole.  Stay tuned!

Author Highlight – Pretty In Fiction

Great news everyone! Today I am highlighted on and I am super excited. One thing I learned pretty quickly is the work doesn’t end once you sign the contract. It’s important to keep your book out there. This requires networking with people who share the same passion for books as you do – and the Pretty In Fiction staff is a great support for authors and a tremendous resource for YA lovers.

Please check them out!!

Keira des Anges was born and raised in Queens, NY. She is a writer and avid reader of anything spooky, magical and totally out of this world. While she doesn’t mind a monster or two, she is an absolute sucker for a happy ending.

When she isn’t writing or helping teenagers with disabilities find employment, Keira enjoys spending time with her family – including her westie and tabby cat. Her plans for the future: Write, Read, Love, Play, Repeat…

Kasper cutie

Leanna Matthews enjoys flying below the radar. She does well in school, has a few close friends and hides the fact she’s an astral-traveling telekinetic. But there’s no escaping her creepy dreams or Simora, the bizarre little spirit lady, that suddenly pops out of nowhere to warn her against keeping secrets and predicts an encounter with a sinister evil. For the first time in forever someone…or something…is on to her.

But life turns around when Leanna meets Piper one sunny afternoon. She’s inexplicably drawn to him, almost as if she’s been waiting for him to come. Forbidden to have a boyfriend Leanna throws caution to the wind, lying to her family and friends to be with him, while ignoring Simora’s ominous message.

Yet Piper has a secret of his own. He is on a mission and Leanna, unwittingly, is the key.

Published by Books We Love Ltd.

Available at!/KeiraDesAnges



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